Bong Accessories

Smoking is one of the pleasurable activities smoking aficionados like to engage in during their free time. In the modern world, people are using bongs to enjoy a nice smoking session in the company of their friends. A bong is a device that is typically used to smoke cannabis and makes smoking enjoyable.

You can choose from many different varieties, materials, and colors. There is something for everyone! But what about the accessories?

Bong accessories come in handy when you want to have a more enjoyable smoking experience. They help make your bong last longer and better quality smoke. Here are some of the most common bong accessories.

1. Downstems

Smoking your bong is a smooth experience, but it can be even smoother. A downstem makes smoking more fun by letting you inhale faster and easier than usual. It also helps keep the water clean so that you will not have to spend time cleaning your bongs as often. This way, they last longer and deliver greater quality smoke for consumption!

Downstems come in various lengths and diameters, which means there should always be one out there suitable for every single bong on the market! The best thing about them? They are very cheap, usually under $50.

You can go from no accessories at all to high-quality ones with this simple purchase.

2. Bowls

Bowls are another piece of equipment that is very helpful when smoking your bong. Bowls either come as a part of the downstem or separately and attach to each other with help from an o-ring. They also have two types – male and female – which means you need to know what size they should be for them to work together properly! When buying this type of accessory, go for one made out of high-quality glass because it will last longer than cheaper options.

3. Cleaning brushes

These small accessories make cleaning up after your session easier by helping remove all those nasty residues left inside your bongs. You can choose from a variety of materials and styles. Some people even prefer to make their own out of pipe cleaners or toothbrushes!

4. Adapters

Some bongs are not meant to be used with nails, but you want that experience anyway. A piece of adapter will do the trick! This type of accessory is very helpful because it lets you use your bong for different purposes without having to buy new ones all the time. They also make great gifts if they fit their recipient’s style and taste.

5. Ashcatchers

As the name suggests, ashcatchers catch all that unpleasant residue, and it is only natural to use them! They come in various shapes and styles. Some of them are even designed with a water chamber inside so you can get extra smooth hits without having to worry about inhaling nasty residues. This way, your smoking session will last longer and be more enjoyable for sure!

The best thing about this type of accessory? It also helps purify the smell coming from the bongs, meaning everything around you stays cleaner for a longer period. No one likes stinky smells when they try their favorite weed pleasures in the company of friends or alone! There is something out there for everyone, no matter what tastes they have. So pick up one or two and enjoy your smoking sessions like never before!